Urban Eve LJ: Holiday Look Book

T-minus FOUR days until we shout ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ & all of the crazy shopping, wrapping, and cooking you had to do over the past few weeks will officially be worth it!

Although there are only four more shopping days, Urban Eve is still in full-swing, showing you the best of the best in our boutique. Here is a video showing off a few of our favorite products at the moment:

We have, personally, not finished our Christmas shopping (whoops). If you’re on the same boat as we are, there’s a very high chance that you will LOVE this week’s promo.

Here’s the general idea.

You’re browsing our social media pages when suddenly you see this amazing top from our boutique. You know your sister would love the top, but you don’t have time to stop & browse. That’s were we come into play with what we call #ChristmasCurbside.

Give us a call, tell us what you want, and when you’ll be picking it up. We’ll get it all nice & wrapped for you. You’ll call when you arrive & we’ll bring it out, take care of your payment method, and you’ll be good. to. GO. Just call us Santa’s little helpers.