More Than ‘Just Hair’

Without a doubt, we are quick to name the things we are blessed to have & are thankful for in our everyday lives during this time of the year. (Thanksgiving is nearing, after all)  So, we have a challenge for you: what if we looked at approaching the giving part of ‘Thanksgiving’ with the same perspective?

Start by looking at the opportunities near you. Ask “How can I help?”. Think about your city’s local church, local animal shelter, local non-profits, and local organizations. In large & tiny ways, the opportunities to give back & love on your community are there. With that, we encourage everyone to get involved & continue spreading the spirit of giving not only through the holiday season, but year-round.

You may ask, “Well, what does this have to do with your hair salons?”. Give-back is in our DNA and company culture. To us, it’s about more than “just hair”.

It’s why we started, FreeRoots, our non-profit, where our mission is to train rescued individuals affected by human trafficking through the trade of hairstyling. It’s why we work with Freedom Place, housing for girls who have suffered commercial sexual exploitation. It’s why we work with Open Arms Cambodia, a salon and beauty school that trains young girls who are rescued from sex trafficking.

Fact: Texas has the two of the largest cities in the country — Dallas & Houston. Unfortunately, this is where human trafficking thrives — in total a $32 billion industry, the second most profitable crime in the world. One out of three children who run away are lured into sex trafficking within the first 48 hours.

With the help of Freedom Place, these individuals are provided with counseling, treatment, and are taught daily living skills like personal care, proper nutrition, and employment preparation. FreeRoots steps in and leads girls through an intentional curriculum based on inspirational sessions with an emphasis on mentoring and personal development. These individuals, in time, are reunited with family, and if of age, are guided to successfully live on their own with purpose & freedom.

This is the way Urban Eve/BleuRoots gives back to an issue is so near & dear to our heart… How will you give back?

There are plenty of ways to give whether it’s by volunteering at your local animal shelter, or donating items to those in need. Find out what your passionate about & get involved.

If it’s in your heart to help FreeRoots or Freedom Place, ask us how you can help, and get involved.