Level 2 Stylist

Gaby Sanchez

Lake Jackson

A Little Bit About Me

  • Name

    Gaby Sanchez

  • Location

    Lake Jackson

  • Position

    Level 2 Stylist

  • Favorite Starbucks Drink

    Mocha Frappe

  • Favorite Restaurant

    Cheesecake Factory

  • Favorite Album/Artist

    For King & Country

  • Favorite Salon Product

    Kerastase Genesis Thermique

  • What I love about my career is...

    I love bringing out the beauty I see inside my guests to the surface, so that everyone can see.

  • Certifications

    Dream Catchers Extensions, Bellami Extensions, Brazilian Blowout

My Mantra:

If you never try, you’ll never know just how much you’re worth.
After and Before ✨
Bellami K-Tips, what are they? Fusion bonded extensions that stay in your hair anywhere from 3 - 6 months, have 360 degree rotation (making wearing buns and braids SO easy), and the best part: no move up appointments! 
Just let these babies grow out with your natural hair until you are ready to say goodbye to them ✌🏼
These type of extensions are also great for matching the hair’s natural density so there is no weigh down or tugging on your natural hair or on your scalp!
Don’t forget to schedule your complimentary extensions consult with me!
Call, text, DM, or link in bio to book!
Call ☎️ Text 📲  DM 📧 
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This is the best part of my job — seeing how much confidence someone can gain. ✨When you look good, you feel good✨

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E | D | G | E
If looks could kill 🔪 this would be it
@sugarslump has a specific aesthetic and this cut ties it ALL together ⚰️
Consultations are 100% complimentary ✨

Explore the world of @bellamihair & @lacedhairextensions with me!

If any of these things are on your list of dream hair - give us a call at 979-480-9000!
•wanting longer hair
•wanting fuller hair
•wanting to fill in density
•exploring fashion colors without coloring your own hair
•feeling confident in getting the cut you’ve always wanted but you were too scared your hair wouldn’t look like the picture
•making your existing color look even better, blonder, or have more of a color meet

Nothing is impossible with extensions! And with the 4 different installation methods I have to offer you- I KNOW I can find something that will suit your lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? ✨
Beach waves and balayage, what could be better than this? ☀️
Call/Text/DM to book 📱
Happy Wednesday!
Kassie came to me for her first extensions experience to help her achieve her dream wedding look 💍

As a first time extensions wearer I am SO proud of her. There is a lot of maintenance and care that goes into them and she did such a great job with the upkeep!

Consultations are complimentary and the sky is the limit with what you can achieve with a little added hair ✨
Trust the process ✨
Let’s be honest. Blonding services have changed and evolved so much.

In a wold of instant gratification and seeing amazing transformations take place on a minute long video - it leaves us thinking “why can’t that be me?”

It CAN be you. With some trust, a good amount of olaplex, a chunk of time, and ALL the foils - it can be you 💝

Just like all the greatest cities, it won’t be done in one day but if you have patience and are given assurance from me, your stylist, I will get you to your hair goals without you having to sacrifice the softness, length, or integrity of your hair.

If you haven’t had the chance to sit in my chair - this is my invitation to you. Let me pamper you and show you the best your hair can be with a customized color plan and a detailed at home regimen that will suit the crown on your head best 👑
It’s the confidence for me ✨
Oldie but goodie. Warm 🍯 blondes for summer are so much fun to do!
I have an opportunity for color TODAY at 3 p.m for any color service. Call/Text/DM to book 📲
B I G  C H O P ✂️✂️

Stay tuned and find out how you can now access online booking ✨
There is always room for the Urban Eve family to grow 🌱
Refer a friend and receive $15 off of a haircut or $25 off of a hair color
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It’s the smile for me 🤩
Long Shag: Straight vs. Waves

@redken Shine Flash and Fashion Work 12 are my go to products for these types of styles

⭐️Shine Flash oil-in-mist to give softness and sheen
⭐️Fashion Work 12 medium hold working hairspray that is great for hair that needs help with hold. Mist onto the hair before running your hot tool through and get all the hold with no residue!
Let’s talk fashion colors. 
🗣Lighting is EVERYTHING. 
Custom blending is a key component to making sure your bold hair color still has dimension in all lighting ✨
Washing with cool water will prolong your color’s longevity
Using products with little to no alcohol content will help keep your hair from fading 🌈THE MORE YOU KNOW🌈
“I just want my hair to look good in a ponytail”
My sweet friend Shelby is in school to save lives. Between looking down at school work and working at the hospital, her hair gets pulled back a lot. And no one should have to sacrifice their sense of style while trying to get some work done 😉
So curtain bangs + a face frame were a must in order to get her hair beautiful wearing it down AND pulled back ✨
Another testimonial. Thank you @alylovesyou37 for your service, can’t wait to have you back in my chair!
I jumped into this industry at just 16 years old almost 11 years ago 🤯
My sweet and supportive dad didn’t bat an eye when I told him I was done with trying to finish college and wanted to do hair full time (he probably waited until he was alone with my mom to not react in front of me tbh 😅)
It only took 8 years, 3 months, and 6 days for my dad to finally come in and have me cut his hair at @urbanevesalonandboutique for the first time, better late than never I guess!
Even when I was in beauty school, my dad’s busy schedule made for late night at-home hair cuts. It was so nice to finally give him the full experience 💝
✨L O N G  S H A G✨
When Italy came to the salon her only intention was to trim off some over processed ends. 
After washing, cutting, blow drying, and half way through doing her curls - she revealed to me that she has always wanted a shag but was never satisfied with the end result.
So what did I do? I begged her to come back the next day to give me a shot at giving her a shag. We both had so much fun creating this look for her and I am so happy she chose to trust me 💛
Have you ever wanted an in-salon treatment that is fully customized to replenish your hair’s needs? What if I told you that an added bonus of this treatment is that there is no wait time - instant results that last up to SIX weeks 🤯

Purchase any 3 of your favorite hair care items and enter for a chance to win a year worth of @kerastase_official Fusio Dose Treatments!
T•H•E  S•H•A•G
Did you know this haircut is great for curly hair too? ⭐️🌈
When Em came in she felt that her hair was too long, too heavy and her curls weren’t as lively as they used to be

Are you on the hunt for your new curly hair regimen? Keep an eye out for the ✨NEW✨ @kerastase_official Curl Manifesto hair care system