Level 4 Stylist

Jessica Palm

Lake Jackson

A Little Bit About Me

  • Name

    Jessica Palm

  • Location

    Lake Jackson

  • Position

    Level 4 Stylist

  • Favorite Starbucks Drink

    Iced Coffee with heavy cream & sugar free vanilla

  • Favorite Restaurant

    I honestly just love all food, except onions...haha!

  • Favorite Album/Artist

    Jason Mraz, Khalid

  • Favorite Salon Product

    Kerastase Magic Night Serum...it’s a godsend!

  • What I love about my career is...

    The connections and relationships I make with people is by far my favorite thing!

  • Certifications

    Redken Certified Colorist, Hand Tied Extensions, Brazilian Blowout

My Mantra:

Be kind. Period.
Hi. Hello. I kinda really really love you! Happy Valentine's Day sweet husband πŸ’•
There's something magical about blonde hair. I think its gotta be the brightness it brings to the skin, or the way it makes blue or green eyes pop. Yep, blondes are beautiful ❀
I just really love @jalyndemar17 and her hair 😍
Have you visited our NEW website! Its beautiful yall! And so easy to navigate! Find out more about your stylist, prices, locations and a whole bunch more! Link in my bio πŸ₯°
Ok. Wanna know the secret to having beautiful blonde colored hair while keeping it healthy?! At. Home. Haircare! I pinky promise you won't regret taking care of your hair at home
Ok so here's so heres some transparency. I've been on this little journey of self love and self care. Making sure I make time everyday for something that brings me joy or peace. Or both 😌. Y'all! I encourage you to do the same. Game changer for sure! If this is something you already practice, I want the deets! Tell me your favorite self care routine or thing to do! Much love friends πŸ’›
Ya know, brunettes just hold a special place in my hairstylist heart ❀
Living all my buttery blonde dreams through my guests πŸ₯°
Taking time to appreciate this color, the blend, the tone, the length of the hair, the soft waves. All of it.
For as long as my sweet friend @hannahalisselangford has been in Heaven, Urban Eve has done everything possible to keep her legacy alive and going. Every year they give The Hannah Langford Award to someone the company feels represents Faith, Hope, and Love. This year I was honored to receive this award. Anything in honor of my friend is truly special.πŸ’œ
Like honestly, what gets better than a pretty balayge that's all blendy and stuff!?
Its a new yeeaaaarrr! Yay! Let's leave all the yucky stuff 2020 brought us behind and look forward to all the beautiful things 2021 has in store! Like this gorgeous hair on my friend @maryashleyjimenez
@lahederahelix is ending the year with some extra inches and I'm. Here. For. It! ❀
Facts you may not know about me.

1. I actually do not love Christmas music. πŸ™ˆ I know I know, call me Grinch haha

2. I am obsessed with true crime anything!  Podcasts, shows, documentaries...you name it!

3. When I was little I wanted to play the part of young Selena in the movie. I really thought I had a chance too πŸ˜‚

4. I've never really had hair passed shoulder length. Currently on a mission to make it happen!

5. I can do this weird bendy thing with all my fingers except my thumbs. Random but true πŸ˜‚

I wanna know something about you! Drop something people may not know about you in the comments!!! πŸ’›
Thankful for this space I get to call my salon home. Thankful for all of my guests for the support during these uncertain times. I would never wish away time but im looking forward to 2021 and all the fresh, new, and exciting things it will bring. Who's with me? What are you looking forward to??
The holiday season is up on us!!! πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ…πŸ€Ά

Y'all! This time of year is full of so much joy! Tell me your favorite this about this season! Mine is all the pretty lights and yummy goodies! 😊
Forever obsessed with brunettes πŸ’›πŸ’œ
This year has been nuts! From Covid, to social injustice, to the election. Y'all seriously, the best thing we have to give now days is a smile and kindness. It takes no effort to do so. Love people with different opions. God created us to be different. Sending so much to all of you. πŸ’™β€
Ummm this girl and this hair!!!!! Im obsessed with both 😍
Happy Friday friends! Wishing you a fun Halloween weekend! Y'all stay safe! Also, how cute are these shirts by @ameliastouch πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
πŸ’« Robin πŸ’«

Robin and I have known each other for years now! I love getting to catch up with her and hearing all about her sweet grandbabies! Oh, and her hair is pretty dreamy too πŸ™‚
πŸ’« Heather πŸ’«

If you've been to UE then you've probably seen this sweet lady running around the salon doing ALL. THE. THINGS. And if this color doesn't scream fall then I'm not sure what does!
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