Level 2 Stylist

Mary Beth Thompson


A Little Bit About Me

  • Name

    Mary Beth Thompson

  • Location


  • Position

    Level 2 Stylist

  • Favorite Starbucks Drink

    Iced White Mocha Latte

  • Favorite Restaurant


  • Favorite Album/Artist

    Taylor Swift

  • Favorite Salon Product

    Kerastase Extensioniste Thermique

  • What I love about my career is...

    I love getting to love and serve people.

  • Certifications

    Brazilian Blowout

My Mantra:

Roses are red, violets are blue, it don’t always be like that but sometimes it do.
Ooooh woah oh ow ohhh! 

This look was to good to not be two post!!
I mean look at her!

It kinda makes me want pink hair😂
♡ Reagan ♡

Big chop for my favorite girl!!
So excited for this little babe cause she’s officially college ready now!
Love ya big!!💛
❀ Meghan ❀ 
One of my absolute faves!!!
This babe has been with me since the beginning and I’m absolutely grateful for her!

On Meghan we did a full head of teasylights for brightness and a shadow root for an easy grow out and now she’s summer ready!!!
“Would I rather be feared or loved? 
Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” - Michael Scott
♢ Payton ♢

We took this little babe brighter for summer and it just may be my favorite color we’ve ever done on her!
Isn’t she gorgeous??
★ Angela ★

Angela came in with her natural color all over and was looking for something low maintenance but wanted to add some extra brightness and dimension 
so we did a full head of teasylights for brightness a shadow root for an easy grow out and a glaze to perfect the tone

Isn’t she glowing??
Another one!!
-DJ Khalid
On Wednesdays we wear pink🌸
🌼 Reagan 🌼

This is my girl right here!!!
I’ve had the privilege of knowing this little angel babe for nearly her entire life and I’m SO SO proud of the human she is growing into!

I’m so excited for her next chapter in life(College) but also SO sad for me that she’s leaving😭 
I can’t wait to see all the amazing things she will do!! 
Love you more than you know!!💛
My absolutely favorite part of my job is getting the opportunity to train our sweet little friends in India!
Our trainings have looked WAY different in the last year but so grateful we get the opportunity to make short videos of different techniques for them to practice on the own for now. 

And y’all they send us the most precious videos back of them practicing😭

Absolutely can not wait to be able to be back in person doing a hands on training with our girls!💛

If you wanna know more about our India trips I’d LOVE to tell you all about it!!!
🌼 Katie 🌼
This girl right here is my kind of people, hilarious and genuinely kind! 
And can we talk about how perfect this color is on her!?
☀️Wishing it was summer already so I can go back to one of my favorite places!!☀️
☀️ Amy ☀️

One of the sweetest souls I know and So trusting every time she sits in my chair she says whatever you think I need 
We added a bit of sunshine to her hair and I’m obsessed!!