Level 2 Stylist

Megan Murphy


A Little Bit About Me

  • Name

    Megan Murphy

  • Location


  • Position

    Level 2 Stylist

  • Favorite Starbucks Drink

    Very Berry Refresher

  • Favorite Restaurant

    Torchy’s Tacos

  • Favorite Album/Artist

    The Weeknd

  • Favorite Salon Product

    Kerastase Magic Night Serum

  • What I love about my career is...

    I love the art behind doing hair. I also love making others feel beautiful and the connections with my guests.

  • Certifications

    Brazilian Blowout

My Mantra:

Everything happens for a reason.
blonder & blonder for jill ✨😍
ashy balayage for the fitness queen 👑✨

for isabella we did a full head of baby lights and then did a shadow root so she would have a natural grow out 🤩
for blair we brought up her balayage after almost a whole year. we did a full head of teasy lights and added olaplex to keep her hair strong & healthy ✨🤩
lavender dreams 💜✨
full head of teasylights to achieve this beautiful bright summer blonde for lyndsey🤩✨ teasylights are my fave technique bc they give the most blended look!
Allie was ready to go brighter for spring time 🤩 so we did a full head of baby lights & a root tap ⚡️
for sarah we brought up her balayage & kept it golden ✨ i love this tone on her i think it compliments her features 🤩
message me to book your next appointment ✨
Maci was wanting to go brighter for spring time 🌷✨ so we did a full foil & a root tap for a natural grow out 🤩
for sweet ivy we brightened up her balayage for spring time coming up but still leaving some dimension✨
color correction alert ✨🔥 
alyssa wanted to be ginger after having box dye on her hair. so we foiled every piece of her hair, shadow root, & glaze to achieve this. this color correction took 5+ hours! i’m obsessed w this color on alyssa 🤩
my hair twin🔥❤️ 
Ashlee was wanting her hair a brighter red for spring coming up, so we made it happen✨
bright blonde for the bestie⚡️✨

i did a combination of baby lights & teasy lights to achieve this beautiful blend. i think this is my fave color i’ve done on kelsey 🤩
to achieve this look we did babylights & a shadow root for a natural blend.
this bright & fun color matches fay’s personality✨ 
fay was wanting her copper pieces to pop more & she also wanted to add some depth back into her hair. i’m in love w this color on her🤩
the last time we did morgan’s full balayage was back in october & the grow out was still really nice so to refresh her color we did just some baby lights around her hairline, shadow root, & glaze 🤩 i love balayage bc the grow out is so pretty✨
icy & bright for sweet Audrey ✨🤩
i just wanted to say hi to all my new followers in case we haven’t met yet👋🏻 thank you to all my followers for being here & supporting me! i appreciate all of you & wouldn’t be where i am today w out you❤️