Jason Culverhouse

Owner / Culture Creator

A Little Bit About Me

  • Name

    Jason Culverhouse

  • Position

    Owner / Culture Creator

  • Favorite Starbucks Drink

    Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

  • Favorite Restaurant

    Shiva Indian Restaurant, Houston

  • Favorite Album/Artist

    Strange Trails, Lord Huron

  • What I love about Urban Eve is...

    I love doing life with our team. Our culture is not only the life of our company, but it continually gives me joy.

My Mantra:

“Perhaps I am stronger than I think.” Thomas Merton
Lemons & Aid event is happening at all @urbanevesalonandboutique locations TODAY! 10-2…drop in and support children in India and local kiddos too. Donate and receive 10-20% off hair care and boutique items! It’s a beautiful day…make it even more beautiful!🙏🏻🍋🤍
(Hippie-dippie ramble alert)
It’s interesting how humans are wired. For instance, cold rain. When we were kids playing in the rain didn’t phase us at all. Now as adults we annoyingly grab our bags, phones and necessities and make a mad dash into our appointments. As if rain is such an inconvenience…when it used to be a friend. The rain is an obstacle to our comfort and happiness. It’s inconvenient and impeding our life. 
Ever think about the rain? I mean how old is it? Where on the planet have the water particles on my windshield been? Glaciers, ancient seas, passed through fields, flowed down rivers, fallen as snow, melted and settled into lakes? Rain is ancient. It lived before us and will be present after us. And despite our view of it, it does what it does. Changes forms, passes through land and animals, and generates life. 
It just makes me remember my place today: fortunate to be here. So maybe I won’t run into my house after all, maybe I’ll walk and commune with my old friend. Remember to slow down because I am just a vapor. Maybe there’s more to life, and maybe rain is a teacher seldom listened to.
These two! It makes my heart completely full sitting with my daughter @haleigh_tyer and my wife @jennculverhouse just listening to them talk. If they are a part of your life…things are better. 😍 @refinedcoffeecompany
Sisters. @miranda_the_rottweiler 🤍 Layla Pearl
I am constantly inspired by the parents at @adventurelearningprogram  Every single week these people show up to spend an hour and a half to put in work! Working on being the very highest versions of themselves for them and their teenagers who are struggling with sobriety. Intentionally setting their minds on growing and being more. The result: living this short life on purpose. Their legacy: the truest love. Love of self, love of their kid, and pushing to give back more than they take. I’m beyond proud of these amazing friends. Do the hard stuff…get really honest…no regrets. We should all push to be like these parent heroes. So much love. 🤍
Hey Team ALP and friends! I wanted to give you all another update. Last night was an amazing night at @adventurelearningprogram We moved into our new meeting space in the  @thecouncilonrecovery complex. We are beside ourselves on how nice it is. 
I also gave the kids and parents our update. When I shared that over 50 of you joined the cause, raised all the money we needed to pull off a full surf program, and even had members or our local surf community volunteer to help teach the kids, let’s just say there was a lot of emotion. An actual applause, some tears and huge smiles. 
For families in recovery this is often a dark road. Mental illness and addiction have a major stigma. Families that find themselves with a struggling teenager often see their social group and even family distance themselves from the family. Having a large group of strangers say “We see you, we’re with you and we are showing up for this.” Is HUGE.
On behalf of @scottduchaney @andrew_beall @jasonculvercasa and @adventurelearningprogram I want to say THANK YOU! 
There is nothing more powerful than for someone to show up when you are in a dark place. You guys are the light! Let’s keep going. So much love to you all! 
If you’re in the market for the perfect peaceful  beach house at Surfside Beach, TX….stay tuned🤍🌊
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