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    Jason Culverhouse

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    Owner / Culture Creator

  • Favorite Starbucks Drink

    Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

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    Shiva Indian Restaurant, Houston

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    Strange Trails, Lord Huron

  • What I love about Urban Eve is...

    I love doing life with our team. Our culture is not only the life of our company, but it continually gives me joy.

My Mantra:

“Perhaps I am stronger than I think.” Thomas Merton
I am a girl dad. I am @haleighculverhouse dad to be exact. She has trained me for 25 years. I will never ever forget the moment she was born, I knew immediately that I would love her with every fiber of my soul. It has been an amazing experience. Years of laughter, deep conversations, soccer practices, cheer tryouts, mission trips around the globe, Sinatra and Italian food cooking marathons, 5ks, and too many late night Yankees games on tv to count. She is beauty, light and so much love. She is my absolute joy and sunshine. 
Here we are for wedding weekend. Yesterday we spent time in a quiet room together where we sat on the bed and I did my seamstress dad work adjusting her Bridal brunch dress. (Yes, I’m also her personal seamstress 😂). I can’t put words to do it justice but I can try:
Haleigh Beth, you have made me who I am. I am a feminist, fiercely inclusive, justice seeking, warrior for dignity in women, full hearted adventurer all because of having had the chance to love you for 25 years. Thank you for being my little Mooshie and teaching me how to love. The best is yet to come and I am so grateful to have a front row seat. Fly as high as you can sweet girl…I’m eternally here when you come back down. 💛🥰🤗
15 min of fame? We made the front page of the local paper. Jenn said “We look like we are the Mayors”. I’ll take it🙏🏻 Grateful everyone is safe here on our little island.
Talking @jon_tyer up for the wedding in 2 weeks…climbing session and working out how to be married to a culverhouse girl. 🙏🏻😂 @haleighculverhouse
I have the privilege to be a part of an organization called the Adventure Learning Program. It’s an amazing program that helps teens who struggle with addiction and their families. My role is to facilitate the weekly parent group meetings. This week my special guest was my amazing daughter @haleighculverhouse I have to say that tonight was the best meeting ever. Not only did Haleigh bring it with her experience of being in a recovery family as a sister of a brother who struggled…she is also spoke as a therapist who works with kids and families in Houston! So many things she said were deep and meaningful: “Care but don’t carry”, “we are a recovery family because if my brother was in recovery we were going to be in too”, “When things get hard KEEP talking”, “time truly heals”, and so much more. I was left in awe driving home tonight. 
Here’s to a big sister, daughter and therapist that is using her life to do amazing things for people struggling. Not shying away from the scary experiences we had as a family but pulling them out and letting everyone see them. Whoever you are, whatever you have been through just know: there is always hope, always a chance to fight for the people you love, and always a chance to use your story to unlock chains on others. 
Grateful, proud and amazed at how bright her light is. Love my girl so very much💛 @adventurelearningprogram
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

I have no answers…only a deep sense of sadness and anger. Mother’s, wives, daughters…all beautiful souls born with an ingrained dignity and purpose. All facing the worst possible outcome. This is a dark day. Hoping for hope and praying for a way.
Getting some good refresh time and working on @jennculverhouse  surfboard. Special thanks to @lordhuron and @shapersupply for the help! 🤙🏼