Jennifer Culverhouse

Owner / Dreamer

A Little Bit About Me

  • Name

    Jennifer Culverhouse

  • Position

    Owner / Dreamer

  • Favorite Starbucks Drink

    Skinny Latte

  • Favorite Restaurant

    Tiny Boxwoods, Houston

  • Favorite Album/Artist

    Tame Impala, Twenty One Pilots

  • What I love about Urban Eve is...

    I love being a part of helping women discover their value, worth, and who they truly desire to be. It’s not just about hair...yes, I am so proud and love to provide an environment where they can build an amazing career and stand on their own two feet...but, even more, I love helping to guide them and develop skills to become healthy, strong women in their relationships and community.

My Mantra:

Life is short…focus on the things that outlast it.
Literally the only photo I got from the night ✨ What a precious and beautiful evening with all the best people🤍 So grateful for everyone coming from near and far to celebrate!
Thank you @graciepee123 for this pic of @haleighculverhouse and @jasonculvercasa
Emotions overload🤍
My only daughter and first born baby gets married this weekend. A year of planning the MOST epic party in preparation for the sacred moment of marriage…and giving our daughter away to be unified with her soulmate for this life and the next…✨🤍
This engagement process has been so so fun. All the dress fittings, choosing the “vibe”, all the details to make it unique and special for the moment that we view as so sacred, spiritual and holy🤍
Yesterday I was thinking about all the people who have sent their rsvp and are coming to celebrate with us. All the names on the seating chart that I just can’t wait to hug and see. Overwhelmed with those who are making the out of town trip and taking the time out of their weekend to join us on such a BIG day in our family. 
I didn’t anticipate the gratitude and amount of love I would feel for those who are coming to the party🤍 Means so much….so much that I was thinking-“ Dang, it’s like a friends and family reunion….I wish I could afford throw a party like this more often..cause this is gonna be so special and fun😆
Can’t wait. I’m gonna cry and smile the whole day.
Congrats to wedding week @haleighculverhouse and @jon_tyer ….can’t wait to celebrate YOU TWO!!🥳🤍✨
Convos about what matters most and what is left behind🤍 So much respect and love for these two and what they represent. #trailblazers
With my girls🤍✨
{doesn’t everyone keep a gas can for those moments you are in deep convo on the phone…fail to realize you have ran out of gas when car suddenly dies in the freeway…and you need to take a little stroll to a gas station😆}
My favorite way to spend my Wednesday mornings😍 
Daring To Lead….Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts🤍
Jessica🤍 Everyone needs the people who have seen you at your absolute bottom…your realest….and most vulnerable…they don’t even bat an eye and it’s reason to move in even closer.
My precious friend of over 15 years….we’ve shared ugly cry moments, heartbreak, great loss, and a deep bond together over the things some would maybe be uncomfortable to walk into🤍
So grateful she came outside with her smoothie and said—-“wanna get a smoothie selfie together?”🤍 
Of course I do✨
Love you my longtime friend and thank you for all the things🤍
We’ve been there and done that…and I’m so grateful to go there and do more✨🤍
Happy happy happy birthday Em. Love you big!
I’ve had her clothes in my car for probably 3 years now. Just neatly folded in my trunk. Yesterday, I took them out to get rid of them and kept telling myself that she would totally be fine with it…..picked them up, looked at each piece…and just folded them back up and placed them in the trunk again🤍 Just wasn’t ready.
Lately I’ve been thinking of all the things my mom taught me as a little girl that truly shaped me. I told Jason, “I’m so grateful for all the things Mom felt was important to teach me.”
✨Always over dress…and wear a bra.
✨Nice sheets are worth it and necessary.
✨Always act like a lady and use your manners.
✨Its more important to invest in nice pieces of furniture and clothing…than to go cheap (even if you have to buy it used or put it on layaway—this was before after pay)😆
✨Be proud of the line of strong women you come from.
✨Education and independence is so important and powerful as a woman.
✨Show kindness and invite everyone.
✨Champagne taste on a beer budget is a real thing….so splurge on the champagne.
✨Keep a stash of mad money.
✨Keep elbows off the table and chew with the mouth closed.
✨Clean the house before a trip…cause it feels good to come back to a clean home.
✨Go “see what you can see”.
These weeks leading up to Haleigh’s wedding are moments that Doris is close. She would love it. Her girls dressed up real fancy doing fancy things🤍 I know she’ll be there….overdressed in the best heavenly way✨
Can’t wait to celebrate with this ginger angel on 9/19/21 👰‍♀️🤍🎉 Countdown is happening and I’m SO excited and grateful to share this moment with family, friends, and the one and only Culverhouse daughter🤍😭