Jennifer Culverhouse

Owner / Dreamer

A Little Bit About Me

  • Name

    Jennifer Culverhouse

  • Position

    Owner / Dreamer

  • Favorite Starbucks Drink

    Skinny Latte

  • Favorite Restaurant

    Tiny Boxwoods, Houston

  • Favorite Album/Artist

    Tame Impala, Twenty One Pilots

  • What I love about Urban Eve is...

    I love being a part of helping women discover their value, worth, and who they truly desire to be. It’s not just about hair...yes, I am so proud and love to provide an environment where they can build an amazing career and stand on their own two feet...but, even more, I love helping to guide them and develop skills to become healthy, strong women in their relationships and community.

My Mantra:

Life is short…focus on the things that outlast it.
My most bestest hype gals ever...who will spend an entire day at a store watching me try on MOB dresses...”Nope, too fancy. Nope, too tight. Nope, I don’t feel comfortable. Nope, feels like I’m playing dress up in this one.”😆
Finally, after lunch, cocktails, and coffee....circled back around with the one that felt “most me”🖤🙌🏻✨
Thank you so much @jmonical and @haleighculverhouse ❤️
Happy 20th birthday to the baby of the family....who calls me “Jenn”😆
Officially out of the teen years and into adulting✨ all the stories our family dies laughing at still....and they all revolve around @_tar_culverhouse and the crazy JOY he brought and brings to the Culverhouse family.
He is generous, he is particular, he is loyal, he is thoughtful, he is kind, he is a listener, he is a question repeater, he is devoted, he is concerned, he is a puzzle piece that this world absolutely is better because he is here 🧩❤️✨
Happy birthday Buggy!!! You are my precious❤️
Oh my gosh. My black princess, sidekick, most precious dog ever🖤 
She always shows up at the end of workout when I’m dying😆🙌🏻❤️
FINALLY! I’m SO excited to be sitting down for a LIVE video with Cameron, owner of @genealogysearchsolutions 🙌🏻❤️
Tuesday at 6pm on my personal Facebook page....Cameron and I will be going LIVE just to have a little “caffeinated chat” about::
✨Being an entrepreneur + mom
✨What fascinates her about the past?
✨What is the craziest story she has ever dig up?
✨A little enneagram 
✨Why is her work important?
✨What’s her relationship with social media these days...
Sound fun or interesting??? Mark your schedule and join us....we would LOVE to hear your questions!
J O Y.
It’s not a constant thing and the realness of it can last for a moment...but, only if you are awake enough to notice it✨
I’m sleepwalking a lot. Defining sleepwalking as....checking emails as soon as I wake up, thinking about what’s next, being irritated by something dumb, multitasking, focusing on list of “get this shiz done” vs the person standing in front of me....
But, sometimes I’m awake❤️ 
I was talking with Jason and said, “Ya’s weird. Those brief moments when TRUE joy is happening....when you aren’t thinking of what’s next, the mind isn’t multitasking, no scrolling.....those brief moments that you are LITERALLY present.
No thoughts of the past. No thoughts of the future. Just right now.✨
If I sit and think about what things make me feel that way...TRULY feel that way. Ya know, the kind where your smile is just really big and real?”
So, I started to list try to connect when I feel full, blissfully, joyful....
✨When I get to hold a dog...or see a dog...or pet a dog....or kiss a dog.
✨When I get to hold a sleeping baby.
✨When I stand up on a surfboard (it’s a reaaaaal brief moment😆)
✨When I pee in my pants laughing.
✨When I dance to Katy Perry, Firework (with a scarf).
✨When I sit on the beach with a friend.
✨Skiing down a mountain.
✨Going on an adventure.
✨Laughing with my family.
And sooooo many more to be noticed......✨
I wrote down some personal goals for the year.....and the one of them, the context sounds a little depressing....but, puts what’s important in perspective. 
Personal goal #1: invest and spend my valuable (life is short and valuable) time with the people who would take me to my chemo appointment✨
Truly trying to be “awake” to the moments (no matter how brief they may be) and the people❤️ 
It’s definitely a practice....cause there is SO much that so easily causes us to fall back asleep....
Curious—-what are those J O Y moments for you?✨
First “Mountain Hug Retreat” complete🌿🏔🙌🏻❤️ 
The jig is up and the truth is....the true power is in honesty, vulnerability, rest, reflection, connection and community✨
Happy International Women’s day to these amazingly generous women who make a difference daily in their salon companies🙌🏻
So grateful for the blessing of being surrounded by such incredible Urban Eve, my quarters, and my bright light of a daughter, @haleighculverhouse ❤️
So much love for you all✨
Sometimes someone shares wisdom that resonates and makes a home in your spirit....
Having coffee with JJ this morning and he shared one of those moments with me✨👇🏻

“The person who blames others for their life circumstances has not yet begun their education.....

the person who blames themselves has begun their education....

 but the person who blames no one has graduated.” 

-Fr. Richard Rohr

Wow. That’s gonna stick with me❤️ One of those moments when you wish something could be tattooed on that you never forget it. If that was the case...My body would be covered for sure❤️
Honestly, he’s the one who makes it all happen ❤️
My new candy of choice is melatonin gummies, my diet consists of anything that has a drive-thru, Diet Coke + skinny lattes (gotta balance the fast food somewhere).....
Waking up at 3am sending a few emails, checking off my mental list and making sure my pets stay alive🤩
I’ll get back to my green smoothies, getting reacquainted with my friends and family, and maybe reading a book again in about 8 days🤞🏻.....until then.....
If you are local to B County...I hope you will “drive-by” next Saturday at 4pm to snag a swag bag from us! All 3 @urbanevesalonandboutique, choose whichever one works for you!
And my friends and family.....I’ll reappear, promise....and @haleighculverhouse we have a wedding to plan!!❤️🙌🏻🎉

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