Level 2 Stylist

Emily Varner

Lake Jackson

A Little Bit About Me

  • Name

    Emily Varner

  • Location

    Lake Jackson

  • Position

    Level 2 Stylist

  • Favorite Starbucks Drink

    Iced Caramel Macchiato

  • Favorite Restaurant


  • Favorite Album/Artist

    The Front Bottoms

  • Favorite Salon Product

    Kerastase Genesis Line

  • What I love about my career is...

    I love making connections with coworkers and with clients.

  • Certifications

    Bellami Extensions, Brazilian Blowout

My Mantra:

Be kind.
It’s really easy to get caught up in going full speed ahead in pursuit of your goals without ever coming up for air and taking a look around. 
•I’m a list maker and I have a difficult time straying from what I had planned out in my head. I’m really bad with change. I thrive off of routine and when something messes with that, I almost feel lost. I’ve had a couple of moments within the last couple of weeks that have been “look up, dude” moments. The universe is trying to tell me to look back and pay attention to how far I’ve come. Right before I forced @nickygdoeshair to take this, I was thinking “I remember dreaming about a day when my books were full. When I had a regular clientele. When I had people that I could grow connections with that trusted me and chose me.” I am by no means done or in my final form, but dang I’m so freaking proud of myself. ✨
My beautiful sissy, my soulmate. It will always be such a joy that I get to take care of you and make your hair ideas come true.✨
✨Alexa, play Watermelon Sugar✨
Haley was ready to try something bold and flirty. We had been talking about pink for months and she was finally ready to go for it. We were both so obsessed with the results.
Hi! I’m Emily! It’s been a minute since I’ve introduced myself. But instead of telling you things about myself, I would like to make some promises to you.✨
1. I promise first and foremost to listen. I promise to listen to understand, to truly hear you.
2. I promise kindness and compassion. 
3. I promise to answer any questions you have, and if I don’t have the answer firsthand, I will find it. I love questions. It lets me show off my knowledge 😂
4. I promise to do anything I can to make sure you leave me feeling better than you did before. 
5. I promise that you are safe with me. That no matter where you come from, who you love, who you are… you are safe with me. I promise that you will always be met with an open mind and an open heart. 
I have the amazing pleasure to work in an industry that is literally all about making others feel good. I love doing hair, I love the science behind it. I love learning. I love growing within my field. But above all else, I love that every day I am able to create or grow connections with the amazing humans that sit in my chair.
I love getting to take care of my friends. 🖤 Teasylights for Jessica.
The favorite parts of my job are getting to love on people and getting to make the people you love feel good. I’m happy that I got to spend some extra time with my aunt getting her hair ready for her birthday✨
I’ve been M.I.A. 
My husband and I found out that we had Covid last week and have been quarantined. We’re all doing okay now! I’m so excited to get back to work after what seems like a lifetime! I’ll be back on Tuesday! I really am just so excited, but I have seriously loved spending so much extra time with my family. I’ve read fiftyleven books and hardly remember what it’s like to wear a bra or real pants. I can’t wait to see my friends 🖤
It feels so good to be back in the salon after a super weird last week. I have some openings this week! Come and let me love on you. 🖤
Today has been the weirdest day. From losing power at midnight, to cuddling together in bed to keep this cutie warm. Waking up to it being 27 degrees in the house, hanging out in the car giggling together. Trying to keep the dogs warm. Trying to keep Stella happy. It’s been a weird parent day. I hope that everyone is doing okay today. I hope everyone has found warmth and if nothing else is able to spend a little extra time with their loved ones today. 🖤
new sign, who dis?