Level 2 Stylist

Kelsey Gutierrez


A Little Bit About Me

  • Name

    Kelsey Gutierrez

  • Location


  • Position

    Level 2 Stylist

  • Favorite Starbucks Drink

    Skinny Iced Caramel Macchiato

  • Favorite Restaurant

    All Tex-Mex & Italian

  • Favorite Album/Artist

    I love music of all kinds!

  • Favorite Salon Product

    Redken One United, Kerastase Genesis Line

  • What I love about my career is...

    I love that I am able to come to work each and every day to love on my clients by connecting with them on a personal level, and of course, pampering them. Doing hair is my passion; talking with others and forming relationships is an added bonus. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love and call it a "job".

  • Certifications

    Hair Extensions, Lash Extensions, Brazilian Blowout

My Mantra:

You never know what someone is going through, so always be kind.
Sweet @oliviasmistad !! 🤍🤍🤍
We have been lightening her hair since October 2020 slowly getting her hair to the perfect lift for her skin tone & natural hair color/tone. 
When we did her consultation I told her this would be a process and she totally trusted me! 
This was her third session with me doing a balayage, shadow root, olaplex (bonding treatment in the lightener), & a gloss each time! 
Remember slow & steady wins the race and leaves you with heathy hair 😉

** This was 10pm lighting aka not good picture lighting & it still looks this good! ✨
What if I told you this color was done in March? 
We did this strategically placed blonding & a shadow root in March! Today we did an express color to refresh the tone & followed it up with a fusio dose to keep it heathy & strong 🤍🤍🤍
Happy May! 🌊
Here are my availabilities - 
DM to reserve your appt. or to have a virtual consultation 🤍
Living for this look! ✨
Ashley came to me wanting to elevate her look. She has had professional color/lightening & box color in the past, but hadn’t used anything for 2 years. I went in not knowing at all how this would lift. Her ends didn’t lift as well (due to box dye) but I ultimately got her to this level & tone. 

We both agree that this compliments her skin tone & natural hair color so well! 

It is so important to be completely transparent with your stylist and explain your hair history for at least the past 5 years. 

@ashhhhjo_ thank you for being such a dream client. I so loved getting to know you. I feel like we are long lost friends! See you in June 🤍
We are SO proud of our salon home 🤍
My number one priority with every client is for them to leave the salon with healthy, beautiful hair. 
I highly recommend all of my clients to get @olaplex added into their lightener to rebuild the bonds we are breaking down. I have never had a client regret that decision! 
If you have never used it ask me at your next appointment ✨
P.S. it also comes with a post lightening conditioning mask, a two for one deal!
My Meg 🤍
I get to work by her side every day & get to stand by her side on her Wedding Day in December 💒 
I am so thankful @urbanevesalonandboutique & @sandy_haircolorist brought us together 👯‍♀️
This client asked me for a subtle dimensional look, but ultimately said “you pick! Just make it look good!” 
I said “ my vision is a sun kissed look, like you just spent a week in the Bahamas!” 

Here is the result! What do you think? Did we get my vision?
Suns Out ☀️ Blondes Out 

Jill has been coming to me for around a year now. We have been doing balayage & teasy light techniques on her. Today we decided to go full blonde with a shadow root to soften her root & set her up for a smooth grow out. 

None of this could be done without using @olaplex bonder! It is a game changer for blondes. It’s a must for all blonding services, your hair will thank you! 

@jillianshepherd52 thank you for always driving to come see me and dealing with my crazy times! 😘
It’s that time of month again! 
Can you believe we are already in April?! Make note of my openings & plan accordingly - I have two openings on Saturday 4/24...act FAST these will not last. 
Basic color = gray coverage 
Color = any blonding or lightening or solid color techniques 
DM to chat and or to book an appt! See you soon ✨
***EDIT*** on Wednesday 4/28 is should say 3pm color & 6pm color ****
It’s a beautiful thing to see my clients face light up when they see their hair goals come to life - especially when it’s a process that takes multiple sessions 🤩

@its_ipsa did just that, trusted the process going lighter and cooler with her color. 
Ipsa, thank you for all the referrals & continued support! Clients like you keep my business alive 🙏🏻
You Belong Here. 

These two make early mornings easier ✨
Salon pictures this morning with @davidreadgallery 📸
Another successful post quarantine •before & after• 
This client wanted a change that elevated her look while keeping the color very conservative ✨
We took some of that weight off with a fresh cut then followed up with a classic balayage keeping the brightness toward the ends. 
Want to change your look and have a specific vision? DM me, let’s chat 😉
Nothing better than a satisfying before and after✨
Loved being able to give @melschwartz1591 her pre pandemic blonde back! I brought up her blonde, but softened it up with baby lights - giving her a bright & buttery look! 
It was so fun chatting with my new client Melissa & bonding over 2000s reality shows, haha 😉
Look at this Blonde Beauty 🤩! 
I got to pamper @paaloma.00 today, she hasn’t had her color updated since this summer.
I did a full teasy light using @olaplex bonder in the lightener & @kerastase_official genesis line for the shampoo & conditioner on this new mom....she had a baby two months ago. Like what?! Doesn’t she look soo good?! 

Paloma, thank you for trusting me & spending your afternoon with me today! I hope you enjoy your new spring hair ✨
A little throwback to @urbanevesalonandboutique headshots by @davidreadgallery ✨

Spring Break is next week! 

If you are wanting to get in for an appointment while you are off, please look at my openings and DM me to claim your spot. Let’s get your hair spring ready 🍀
Sun kissed is always the way to go ☀️ 

Sometimes the best colors are the subtle ones. My precious client wanted to some lighter pieces but still wanted to have a natural look. 

Let me know if this is what YOU are wanting for SPRING 🌿
Happy March! 🌿
Here are my remaining openings of the month. Notice, I have some Monday openings & two basic (gray) coverage openings. DM me with any questions & to reserve your spot
2nd session pics of the beautiful @julissaa.r ! 

She came to me with a heavy balayage. We have transitioned her to a heavy teasylight to soften her look & grow out. Our next goal is to get her light enough to be able to go completely ashy with the tone. 

In the mean time we are loving this look 😍

Thank you Julissa for trusting me & understanding the process. 
See you soon 🤍✨
Did you hear?! 
@urbanevesalonandboutique will be OPEN tomorrow! 🎉

Come let us pamper YOU & get your boutique fix while escaping the weather & no electricity/water for a bit! 

My heart goes out to each & every one of you during this time. I look forward to seeing you soon, until then sending you a virtual HUG 😘
Cicaextreme from @kerastase_official coming soon to @urbanevesalonandboutique 💜
These three NEW #blondabsolu products, formulated with a hyaluronic acid duo and edelweiss-in-oil, provide intense care and hydration for the most extreme blonde hair. 
Shop #cicaextreme and the complete Blond Absolu collection at your next salon visit ✨
love being able to give @oliviasmistad a hair hug ✨

This was our second session going lighter - we did all of the techniques totally customizing the color to fit her undertones & features. 

I prescribed the @olaplex shampoo & conditioner to Olivia to maintain strong healthy hair even after all of the blonding we have done. 

Also, who looks this good while taking a quick non-mask picture?! Liv is the cutest 🤗
Hi 👋🏻
We now have NEW business cards & NEW QR code’s for our new guest! 
We are so loving incorporating QR code’s in the salon. 
Come by - shop around, get your hair done, & scan our QR code 🌿