Level 1 Stylist

Marisa Aleman


A Little Bit About Me

  • Name

    Marisa Aleman

  • Location


  • Position

    Level 1 Stylist

  • Favorite Starbucks Drink

    Espresso Frappuccino

  • Favorite Restaurant

    I have lots of favorites, but Chuy’s queso is my favorite!

  • Favorite Album/Artist

    I have such eclectic taste in music that I really can’t pick specific favorites.

  • Favorite Salon Product

    Kerastase Serum Cicanuit

  • What I love about my career is...

    I love getting to connect with different guests and making people feel beautiful! I love getting to be artistic with hair. It’s such a fun way to express oneself!

  • Certifications

My Mantra:

“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31
Don't you love that feeling after leaving the salon? 

A color refresh, especially after an extended period of time, is always so satisfying both for the guest and the stylist! 

Come get your color refreshed! I'd love to have you in my chair! 💛
One step closer! 

This little beauty is on her way to pink hair! It is definitely a process and she has been so patient and fun to work with. We are working through lifting years of box dye off those ends! This is not always possible as everyone's hair is different and box dye can be very unpredictable. So next time you reach for that box dye...please put it back on the shelf 😅 you and your hair will be thankful in the long run! 

Have you ever box dyed your hair? I know I have 😬 and I will not be doing that again!
Do you want to be able to just come in to the salon a few times a year? 

A rooted balayage may be just the thing for you! Whenever you apply a shadow root it helps blend the line of demarcation for a softer growout so you can go longer between appointments! 

Wondering if this could be for you? Send me a DM!
It's not easy being green
Fresh cut and layers for this beauty 💇‍♀️
Of course I forgot the before 🤦🏼‍♀️
Which do you prefer? 

Dogs or cats? I like both, but I'm definitely a dog person. My dog Riley is my bestest buddy 🥰🐕 This is probably my favorite picture of her when she was just a wee pup sitting in our dishwasher 😆🥺❤ 

Are you more of a cat person or dog person?
You know one of my favorite parts of my job? 

You! My guests! Getting to meet sweet rays of sunshine like this pretty gal pictured here. I love connecting with my guests and hopefully helping them to feel as beautiful as they already are. You know you guys are already gorgeous right? We just add some extra oomph to your already beautiful self. I hope you know that 💕 You are a dang prize.

What is one of your favorite parts of your job? Let me know in the comments!
What about you? 

Are there any hobbies you have or things you like to do occasionally to de-stress? I love crafting or painting sometimes even though I'm definitely not a great painter lol 😆 

Let me know some things you enjoy doing to pass the time in the comments below
This is real 
This is me 
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be 
(This is a 1 balloon for level 1 stylist at Urban Eve, I realized that probably needed to be explained which potentially wrecks my super dope song reference but what can you do 🤷🏼‍♀️)
Where would you go?

Is there somewhere you've always wanted to travel? I would love to go to Greece! Honestly I'd love to travel lots of places! Traveling the world would be amazing 🤩 My favorite place I've traveled so far is probably either Costa Rica or the Bahamas. 

What about you? Where do you want to travel and/or where is your favorite place you've been?!
What an incredible human you are! You have been through some things and should be dang proud of yourself for coming this far and for waking up and being your awesome self everyday. Don't forget you are loved and special just the way you are ❤
(That's what I imagine this monkey is saying to you) 

Fun fact: I love monkeys and have wanted a pet monkey since 5th grade because they are so cool and dope and radical.
Roses are red
Violets are blue 
Sometimes writing captions
Can be very hard to do...

So here is some hair I toned, rooted, and styled 🤷🏼‍♀️ 😅
I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks 😊 

Thank you for following me and supporting me and well for just being your beautiful self 💛 

Have a great day you lovely human you 🌻
Hey there! Yeah you! New to my page? Or maybe you've been here before and are thinking who is this lady? Allow me to reintroduce myself! 

My name is Marisa (it is pronounced Muh-ree-suh like Lisa because of the one S) 
Jesus is everything to me
My biggest passion is trying to live a life that shows people how amazing our God is and how incredibly loved they are by Him.
I have a wonderful husband and 3 fur babies. 
I love doing hair and making people feel beautiful!
I'm a big ol' weirdo
I love glitter and hot pink is my favorite color
Queso (specifically chuys queso) is my favorite food.
I truly have a heart for people to know how incredible they are and how loved, cherished and precious each one of them are. It makes me a gusher at times, I really think it comes from the man upstairs and his intense love for each of us. 

What are some fun facts about yourself?
What do you think makes for a perfect day? 

I love being outside, going on adventures,  trying new things and being with people I love 💗
Have you ever seen someone's hair and thought "I want that!"? 

That was what happened to my sweet guest Kayla when her friend from school got highlights and she knew she "had to have them" so she saved up her money for her first color service. Isn't she cute?  

If you're thinking about changing things up or going for your dream hair send me a DM or call and schedule an appointment for a consultation and let's chat about options! 

Is there something you've always wanted to do to your hair but never have? Let me know in the comments!
Did you know...

Part of me would love to be a ballerina. I think ballerinas are super dope and tutus are splendid. 
Unfortunately, to be a ballerina you have to be good at ballet.. 

What is something you would do if you could have any other job?
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